Das Amberger Welttheater –
The Winter King

Amberg, in 1620.  Having lost the battle of the White Mountain, Frederick V witnesses a humiliating spectacle on the Market Square: a troupe of travelling comedians stages a gaudy satire to poke fun at the downfall of the “Winter King”.  Unrecognized by the cheering crowd, Frederick tries to intervene in the action and describe what happened from his point of view …

The historical town play sketches the most important stages in Frederick’s life, such as his wedding to Elizabeth Stuart and coronation as King of Bohemia.  Set between musical and drama, changing from exuberant folk theater in dialect to almost intimate chamber drama-like passages in High German, the work combines original Early Baroque music with contemporary, modern styles.

The fascinating interaction of some 100 amateur and professional actors with the rock band Vanden Plas against the breath-taking backdrop of St. Mary’s on the Hill will make Amberg’s world theater an unforgettable experience.


Script: Johannes Reitmeier

Music: Roger Boggasch

Directed by Astrid Vosberg

Music produced and directed by Günter Werno



Andy Kuntz (Frederick V) etc.

Members of the Freudenberg Peasants Dramatic Society, the Haagerthal Peasants Dramatic Society, the Amberg Miners Guild Band and the Amberg Town Guard

Music: Vanden Plas